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Start date

The 2019 session will be held at the World Palm Dates Expo, Istanbul
from 11 – 14 July 2019.

The place

Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) – Harbiye Mahallesi – şişli/Istanbul

Contact Information

+90 212 529 9947
+90 537 865 5488


Dates are a product of immense nutritional and economic value in many countries of the world. The fruits of the dates were also associated with North Africa and the Middle East.

For this reason, there is no better place than Istanbul as the Middle East’s international capital to host the inaugural World Dates Festival, which is the only international event of its kind in terms of exclusive production and marketing of dates. Turkey is one of the biggest trades and import markets for dates in the Middle East and its gateway to the Balkans, Europe and the world due to its geographical location. Due to its population of about 100 million people and the remarkable rise in per capita income, it also hosts many Arab and other communities, for date producers and exporters. Turkey also has a proven and successful record of organizing the best exhibitions, conferences and international and international festivals. Istanbul is characterized by its historical and tourist attractions and the beauty of its nature and climate is a favorite place for visitors and businessmen to enjoy and enjoy their time during the exhibition.

The largest and most important producing countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, Morocco, Iraq, Sudan and the rest of the world with high productivity.

During the event, the Chambers of Commerce of Arab countries and more than 100 major buyers from all over the world, Turkey, the Balkans, America, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Iran will be hosted. with the aim of holding a meeting and nucleus for the establishment of the Istanbul-based international dates market and Bursa.

More than 2,000 buyers from Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans and Europe, and a number of companies and factories involved in the trade and processing of dates, food and beverages are expected to attend the event.

The exhibition will be opened by a number of senior officials and community figures in
Turkey in addition to a number of ministers and heads of chambers of commerce in a
number of Arab countries.

What are the times of the show?

The exhibition is open from 10:00 to 19:00 daily for four consecutive days.

How can I go to the Exhibition?

Istanbul has excellent traffic infrastructure facilities and there are several ways to access the club.
* Public transportation: metro – Teramvay – transport buses – Metrobuses
* Driving: Private angel – taxi – taxi

parking availability in the ICC?

The Istanbul Exhibition and Conference Hall welcomes visitors and allows them to use two dedicated parking spaces at the exhibition, which together can accommodate 4000 vehicles at a nominal price of 25 lira per vehicle. There is also a highly trained staff around the clock to help manage traffic and can provide a driving description service for senior guests and personalities.

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